Faithful Stewards of Every Seed Sown

Ours is the type of soil that promotes growth and produces results. Around here, we call it 100-fold soil. That’s soil that is pure and free from doubt, fear, disobedience, and sin. We are extremely serious about our responsibility to JDM’s commitment to keep this ministry pure and productive by daily walking in faith and total obedience to God’s Word.

JDM Financial Integrity 2016

We value every seed and consider it a holy, precious thing. Not only is your seed destined to produce harvest for you, it will also enable us to spread the Gospel through anointed television broadcasts, web shows, products, magazines, podcasts, social media, Internet outreaches, and evangelistic meetings held throughout the world.

We would never ask you to do what we wouldn’t do and to that end JDM faithfully sows seed to financially support many great ministries and outreaches all over the world. If you have been blessed through this ministry and you share our vision for World Evangelism, we invite you to pray about becoming a JDM Covenant Partner.

 Since the beginning of Jesse Duplantis Ministries in 1978, it has been paramount for us to be faithful stewards of the Gospel in every possible way and we have maintained financial integrity throughout our work for the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to be accountable for every donation that comes into this ministry.