JDM Is Bringing the Gospel of Jesus to the World!


World evangelism is at the heart of every evangelistic meeting that is booked, every broadcast that is aired, every magazine that is printed, every product that is produced, and every social media post that goes out from this ministry. Since 1978, we have been passionately believing the unbelievable and receiving the impossible—seizing every opportunity to reach people and change lives in evangelistic meetings over the years. If you have been blessed through this ministry and you share our vision for World Evangelism, we invite you to become a JDM Covenant Partner.

Who is a JDM Partner?

Individuals, families, businesses, and churches that regularly pray and sow financial seeds into the good soil of JDM to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. JDM’s vision is made possible by the financial contributions and product purchases of caring people just like you.

Partnership Has Its Benefits

  • Daily Prayer commitment from Jesse and Cathy to intercede for every Partner, every day
  • Monthly Partner Letters straight from Jesse’s desk, filled with exactly what God is putting on his heart for his Partners
  • Online Access to Jesse’s Archive of past Partner Letters
  • Monthly issue of JDM’s full color magazine, Voice of the Covenant
  • Online Access to JDM’s Archives of past issues of Voice of the Covenant magazine
  • Partner Discount—Receive 10% off of all JDM products purchased online
  • Monthly Product Offers chosen for the spiritual growth of JDM Partners

JDM Is Good Soil

Ours is the type of soil that promotes growth and produces results. Around here, we call it 100-fold soil. That’s soil that is pure and free from doubt, fear, disobedience, and sin. We are extremely serious about our responsibility to keep this ministry pure and productive by daily walking in faith and total obedience to God’s Word.

We value every seed and consider it a holy, precious thing. Not only is your seed destined to produce a harvest for you; it will also enable us to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Together, We Can Reach People and Change Lives!