Contribute on the Go!

Now you can securely donate to Covenant Church through text messaging. Simply follow these few steps:

  1. Text JDMCC and the dollar amount to 28950: *Example: JDMCC 75 (for a donation of $75).

  2. 2. You will receive a text back with a link. Click the link that will take you to a registration page. Fill out the registration page with your name, address, and debit or credit payment information.

  3. 3. Once your information and donation have been submitted, you will receive a confirmation of the donation by text. It’s that simple and you will only need to submit your contact information once. All future donations will only require you to text JDMCC and your donation amount to 28950.

We are so pleased to now be able to offer this easy donation option to all of our Partners and friends in the United States, as we continue to reach people and change lives, one soul at a time.

Text To Give FAQ

How do I get started?

Send a text message to the number 28950 . Type in the keyword: JDMCC , and the dollar amount you wish to give.

Are the keywords important?

Yes! Keywords indicate the designation for the donation and can be lower or upper case.

Should I use a dollar sign or comma?

No. Simply type in the amount you wish donate. Decimal points can be used to indicate cents.

What kind of receipt will I receive?

Donors will receive a text receipt.

Why can’t I send and receive messages on the 28950 short code number?

If you are receiving error messages that the number is invalid, it is likely that your cell phone account has blocked short code numbers. Please contact your phone carrier to enable.

What do I do if I make a mistake or need assistance?

Text HELP to 28950 or call 888-500-1997 for assistance.

How do I change my personal contact information or my Credit or Debit Card Information?

Text STOP to 28950 . You will receive a notice that you are unsubscribed. Then enter your keyword with any dollar amount and send. Follow the prompts using updated information.

Is my donation charged to my phone bill?

No, it is charged to the debit or credit card you used to register.

Is it secure?

Yes, bank card information is encrypted and the process is PCI Level 1 compliant.

Will I be charged per text message?

Most mobile phone plans offer unlimited free texting. If your plan has limited text messages, it costs the same as sending a Text message to a friend.

Why does my bank account show a charge for $1?

Some banks and credit card institutions charge a onetime temporary authorization charge of $1.00 to validate the card. Allow one to two business days to be credited back to your account.