Hey! That’s My Harvest!

The Key to Receiving... NAME YOUR SEED!

Have you been sowing much and reaping little? Are you confused about how to really receive your harvest? In this eye-opening message, Jesse shares simple but effective Biblical techniques for receiving the abundant harvest you've been sowing for. Your faith will be stirred as you learn:

• How to sow, instead of throw your seed
• Why naming your seed is crucial to receiving
• What to do in the growing time
• How to recognize your harvest when it comes
• And how to reclaim what the devil has stolen!

You can be a receiver! Jesse will show you how! Just start putting these simple principles to work, and soon, you too will be reaping the benefits and declaring, "Hey! That's My Harvest!"

*DVD includes Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles and a Special FAQ Bonus Feature! The Duplantis' answer the most frequently asked questions about naming your seed that are sent to our ministry, only available as a bonus feature on the DVD!