25 Minute Spiritual Meals - Vol. 1

25 Minute Spiritual Meals
Satisfy Your Spirit!
Are you depleted and exhausted from the busyness of life, finding little to no time at all to refuel your spirit? Jesse Duplantis brings you this special 2 CD Set containing five spiritual meals that will replenish and revive you. Each 25 minute meal is a message full of God's Word—food for your spirit—that is delivered with rich revelation and powerful teaching. You can find nourishment that truly satisfies, no matter how busy you are. 25 Minute Spiritual Meals—it's food for your spirit and nourishment for your soul!

Messages Include:
• The Unmistakable Voice of God
• How to Become Successful from God's Point
• Reaching the Heights God Wants Us to Reach
• The Gracious Gift of Comfort
• Your Responsibility in Your Christianity

Run Time Approximate: 118 minutes