I Never Learned To Doubt

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More Peace, Joy, Favor, and Blessings—

Life Is Better When You Never “Learn” to Doubt


Doubt is a habit. You aren’t born a doubter. You learn to doubt over time, after being hit with the injustices and instability of this world. In this book, I’m going to try to help you go back in time…and regain what you lost. The wonder of faith is a pure thing—a childlike thing—and it’s the only thing that works to access God and draw in what you really want. He doesn’t respond to need. He doesn’t respond to begging or pleading or wishing. God responds to faith.


Doubt has roots. From the beginning of my walk with God in 1974, I decided that if I was going to be a “believer,” then I was going to believe. I had a lifetime of doubting people behind me—but I learned in the Bible that God is not a man that He should lie. I also learned that the roots of doubt must be pulled up in order to make way to receive from God. I began a new way of thinking all those years ago that I am still using today. It’s brought me joy. It’s brought me success over the many challenges I’ve had. And it’s brought me great favor and full peace in a world filled with trouble.


Doubt isn’t what you think. It’s not a passing thought. It’s not pondering the Word of God or reasoning with God, or even with others. Doubt is an inner-lifestyle choice—a bad habit of taking your own word over God’s, your thoughts over God’s, and putting more stock in the words of others over God’s, too. That’s not what living a successful life as a believer is all about! In this book, I hope to help you shut doubt down and develop a mindset that sees God’s truth as bigger than the doubts of the mind…or anything else.


Whatever you do consistently becomes a habit. Yesterday is done, today is here, and tomorrow is coming—the lessons in this book are some of the most important ones I’ve gathered about the nature of doubt, where it came from, and how to stop letting it sway you in life. If you are ready to get back to a place of childlike wonder and to learn how to use the authority God has given you over your own mind, there is no better time than now. Start fresh today. More peaceful, joyful, favored, and blessed days are available, and, like me, you’ll see them come as you develop a habit of never learning to doubt.

– Jesse Duplantis


ISBN: 9781634167352

229 pages