Going From Owing To Owning

You Can Be the Owner!


God has given you a spirit of enterprise and the ability to be the owner of much! Get ready to release the gift of innovation and miracle-working power within you as Jesse teaches you how to knock out debt God’s way and own the things you need and desire. In this uplifting and liberating message, you’ll discover:


  • How to tap into the strength of assertiveness and power of action that will take you from owing to owning
  • Why you should never tell debt to go away and how to show it the way out
  • What it takes to go forward without fear, in spite of any regret from the past
  • How debt can prove to be a temptation of dishonesty and how you can shut it down


While borrowing money is not a sin, there is a much better way. God has given you gifts and talents to serve Him fully and live your life completely free. Learn how to begin the process and stick with it—move yourself to the place of ownership today!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English Subtitles and Widescreen

Run Time Approximate: 68 minutes