Wanting A God You Can Talk To (Mandarin Chinese)

One of the most popular books by Jesse Duplantis, Wanting a God You Can Talk To is an intimate look at what it takes to have a personal, communicative relationship with God. 

In this beautiful paperback book, you'll be encouraged to reach out and talk to God without fear as Jesse Duplantis shares how God can be more than a far-off deity...He can be your closest Friend and the Ultimate Father.

God wants to talk to you. Learn how to hear His voice and develop the richest and most rewarding relationship of your life. 
 *Great as a gift for someone you love, too!  This wonderful book is also available in Braille for the visually impaired. 
(Note: The language for the book on this page is in Mandarin Chinese.  If you prefer the English version, please check this website for the English edition.)