When the Gospel Becomes Your Gospel

Stir Up Your God-given Purpose!

You are called to enjoy and share God’s gifts of grace, freedom, mercy, and power. That is God’s Good News! In this riveting message, Jesse teaches how the Gospel is your personal revelation of Christ and how it was gifted to you to be prized, guarded, and shared. Get ready to stir up your God-given purpose as Jesse explains how to:

  • Develop a deep passion for Jesus
  • Appropriate your Gospel in every area of your life
  • Claim everything the Good News promises you

The Gospel is far more than just doctrine or dreamy dogma; it’s your personal experience of God’s grace and your unique partnership with Jesus Christ. Discover how to make the Gospel a personal conviction and a personal responsibility. You are destined to be the conduit of the Good News that transformed your life. The Gospel is yours to enjoy and to share!