Your Everything Is His Anything

Ask Everything You Desire and Receive!


God wants to prove His Word in your life by showing you that everything is possible for you when you “ask anything” in Jesus’ name. What does “anything” mean to you?


Put your faith cap on and fasten your seatbelt—you’re in for a glorious ride! In this bold message by Jesse, you’ll learn how everything you could ever need or desire for life and godliness is available to you through the powerful name of Jesus. Get ready to be a walking and talking testimony of God’s love, grace, and generosity as Jesse teaches you how:


  • The Father wants to be involved in the joy, peace, power, and prosperity of your life
  • When you believe that your everything is His anything, you have absolute, eternal, and infinite intelligence
  • A Christ devoid of the supernatural is not the Christ of the Gospels
  • The dew of faith refreshes the mind and never produces a lack-focused life


Your Father is a Giver Who is willing and able to do “whatsoever” in your life, if only you’ll ask and believe. Discover how you can receive and achieve everything you desire, all to the glory of God. Come on, it’s your time to ask and get into the blessing cycle—your blessings are God’s glories!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English Subtitles, Widescreen
Run Time Approximate: 61 minutes