The Command of Commands

Answer the Call—Have Faith in God!


Are you ready to go places and do things beyond your wildest dreams? You’ve been blessed with a great purpose for Jesus, and He’s called you to answer one simple command that will bring it to pass: Have faith in God.


Step into a new place of hope and expectation as Jesse shares a message that will help you rediscover the dreams and magnificent future God has for you. You’ll develop unwavering faith once you see how the lack of belief is what puts the limits on our unlimited God. You will learn how:


  • Christ came into the world to help men believe in God
  • Faith in God is an act of your will
  • You are not here to simply pass the time, but to fight for a cause
  • Faith in God must tempt you to do the impossible


Don’t let fear or unbelief paralyze you—you are here for a reason! Learn how to answer your call and receive the command of commands in every area of your life. Have faith in God—your great future is ahead!



“And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.”

Mark 11:22