If You've Got a Mountain, God's Got a Word

If You've got a Mountain, God's got a Word
God has a Word for YOU!

You don't serve a wimp! God has the power to make a river run upstream. He can break the locks off of jailhouse doors and cause mountains to skip around like little lambs—all through the power of His Word. God’s Word has the ability to change any circumstance in your life and He's given YOU the authority to use it!

In this faith-filled message, you'll learn how Joshua received a powerful word from God that gave him the faith to cross his "mountain"—the raging River Jordan. You'll also hear how Jesus' simple and strong command to the fig tree exemplified how Christians should exercise faith, and how every "mountain" in your life is subject to your mouth.

Whether you have a problem as big as a mountain or as small as a molehill, there is always a way out. God has a Word for YOU—a Word that can turn it all around!

Run Time Approximate: 46 minutes