Advance in Life


From Revelation to Inspiration to Manifestation


Everything God is and everything God does in the lives of His children moves forward. Advancing in life is just what God created you to do! By divine design, you aren't meant to back up. You aren't meant to give up. You've always been meant to ADVANCE—spiritually, physically, financially, and in your relationships, too.


In this book, Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares how you can advance in life by manifesting your personal dreams and desires, and move Christianity forward in the process. You'll learn how to create a mindset that works with God, instead of against God. And you'll be inspired to let go of limitation so that you can reach forward, press toward the mark, and see God's best manifested in your life. You will discover:


  • Why creating your "inner world" is the beginning of manifestation—everything begins inside first
  • God's plan for the world includes His plan for your life—personal dreams, goals, and desires matter
  • Questions to help you clarify what you want and why you want it
  • To advance in life, you must let go of the past—learn how to enjoy the present while believing for the future
  • If you want to move forward, you can't identify with what holds you back—know how to identify with the answer
  • How to "catch" defeating thoughts before they seed and stop manifesting what you don't want
  • What a lack mentality really is and some common reasons why some believers avoid financial advancement
  • How to deal with naysayers, keep your focus, and succeed God's way
  • Why "frustrating" the grace of God isn't the way to advance in life
  • Why Sunday matters and how we can help our nation to advance, too


Faith is a journey—joy, peace of mind, and adventures await those who hve the audacity to believe and move from revelation to inspiration to manifestation. There is no better time than now to live with passion and faith. There is no better time than now to Advance In Life!