Living Off the Top of the Barrel Vol. 1 & 2

Rise Up and Live in the Blessing!

(Description from Volume 1)

    It doesn’t matter what the economy says, what the doctor says, or what the world says, YOU are a child of God and you’ve been blessed to “live in the blessing”—spiritually, physically, and financially. Get ready for your faith to ignite as Jesse shares biblical truths that will lead you to the abundant life Christ has for you.

    Make a choice to let go of the past and embrace the promises of God in your life. Your Father doesn’t want you living at the bottom of the barrel where you can’t breathe. He wants you to rise up and start living off the top so you can be the blessing you were born to be!

(Description from Volume 2)

    Get ready to rise up to the next level with Volume 2 of Jesse’s revolutionary series, Living Off the Top of the Barrel. In this second volume, you will learn more key truths to apply that will elevate you into position to receive ALL that God has for you. You will:

      •  Gain insight and strength to master yourself, your appetites, and your desires
      •  Learn how to acclimate to the different pressures as you begin to rise to the top
      •  Understand what it takes to handle the top of the barrel experience
      •  Discover how living off the top of the barrel will turn you into a top of the barrel giver
      •  And more!

    No matter where you are today, God wants to bring you to a higher life above the pressures of this world. Learn how to glorify God by living off the top of the barrel so you can always be a blessing going somewhere to bless!