Don't Forget the Clouds

All of Heaven is Rooting for You!


Did you know that you belong to a race of conquerors and kings? You do! As a Christian, you belong to a great lineage of heroes in the faith and they are watching you and cheering for you to complete your destiny.


In this exciting message, you’ll be elevated and inspired as Jesse shows you how to stand in honor and live the sincere, purpose-filled life of faith Christ wants you to live. You’ll see how:


  • You are called to be a trustee of God’s final word to mankind
  • The greatest essential of your faith and life is sincerity
  • As a believer, you must stake all faith, all truth, and all hope on God’s power
  • And much more!


Decide today to join the exciting mission you were created for and…don’t forget the clouds. All of Heaven is rooting for you to finish ALL that God has called you to do!


Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about

 with so great a cloud of witnesses…”

Hebrews 12:1