Jambalaya for the Soul

No one ever said being a Christian would be easy, but it can be funny!


Find out just how funny in Jambalaya for the Soul, a light-hearted celebration of the Christian experience.  This book is a collection of some of Dr. Jesse Duplantis' most humorous and heart-touching stories,  as well as many of his favorite family recipes!  You'll read stories such as...
  • Fear of a Headless Chicken
  • Attack of the Vienna Sausage
  • Trash Gumbo
  • Fred and the Outhouse
  • Fight at the Airport
  • And More!
You'll also learn how to cook recipes such as...
  • Jesse's Mother-In-Law's Crawfish Bisque
  • Jesse's  Wife's Coconut Delight Cake
  • Jesse's Brother Wayne's Stove Top Pot Roast
  • Jesse's Sister-In-Law's Pecan Praline Candy
  • Jesse's Mother-In-Law's Oyster Gumbo
  • And More!
This fun and inspirational book is perfect for giving to unsaved loved ones, reading to your children, or just enjoying yourself!  Get a daily dose of joy and goodness with Dr. Jesse Duplantis' Jambalaya for the Soul!  As the Cajuns would say, "Ma cher it's good!"

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