The Ministry of Cheerfulness

Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares how the healing power of joy can change the world around you!

In this world, we will have trouble  However, Christ commanded us to be of good cheer, even in the midst of trials and tribulations, knowing that He has overcome this world!  Because He overcame the world and all its problems, you can too.  He has given you authority and a way to get through it all with joy.

There is power in joy and cheerfulness can be a ministry!  Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares how you can...

  • Stop letting the troubles of the world affect your spirit
  • Use the joy of the Lord to keep you strong
  • Be full of power, by being full of faith
  • Stop denying your problems and begin denying their rights
  • Be a "living epistle" for others to see
  • And much more! 
Whenever everybody says it can't be done, God has an opportunity to produce a manifestation for the world to see.  Let Him use you today!   

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