Understanding Salvation

There is a path that leads to inner peace, real joy, and true wisdom about life. You begin walking on this new path the moment you reach out to God...the moment that you realize your need for His love and salvation.
In this mini-book, Understanding Salvation, you will discover why God sent His Son, why salvation is necessary, and what you can do to begin living a new and better life in Christ Jesus. You will learn...
  • How Christ's sacrifice created a way for redemption
  • Why all people need God to be fulfilled
  • What the term "born again" really means
  • How to be saved and sure of your salvation
  • How to live by choice, and not by chance
  • And much more
Discover God's good plan for your life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Churches and Ministries: If you are interested in ordering Understanding Salvation in bulk for those who receive Christ through your evangelistic efforts, please contact our office for special pricing.  

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