Cracks Will Always Produce Leaks

Plug up the leaks and release God's overflow!

Are you believing God for something, but it’s just not coming to pass? God has designed you to use pure, unwavering faith in His Word to receive the abundant life Christ bought for you. So, if you’re not seeing results, then maybe it’s time to look for leaks.

In this dynamic message, Jesse will teach you how to detect and fix any hindrance that’s stopping your breakthrough. You’ll learn how to fill and seal the cracks that are affecting your faith as he teaches you about:

    • Faith that is defective in quality
    • Faith that is mingled with doubt
    • Faith that is wavering
    • And more!

Don’t waste one more day lacking when you know God wants to fill you beyond measure. Seal every crack and plug up every leak so that you can release God’s overflow in every area of your life!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English Subtitles, Widescreen
Run Time Approximate: 52 minutes