The Illumination of Vision and Service

The Illumination of Vision and Service
Awaken the Vision God has for YOU!

There’s a date within your memory that holds the greatest vision you will ever have. The day you were saved, you had a personal encounter with God Almighty. He showed you His grace and holiness and illuminated a future for you full of passion and purpose. In this exhilarating message, Jesse will stir up your faith and awaken the vision God ordained for you to serve. You will understand how: 

• The spiritual being of man truly begins when he has seen the Lord
• The adventures of life always have their spiritual message
• Vision must issue a vocation or it will be lost
• The vision of God’s presence and influence passes all limitations
• And more!

Don’t allow the struggles of life to cloud your destiny. Remember, the Lord revealed Himself to YOU. Seek and serve the vision God gave you and be the blessing He called you to be.


DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English Subtitles, Widescreen
Run Time Approximate: 57 minutes