Beware of the Dream Killers

Don't Let Anything or Anybody Kill Your Dream...


God put a dream in your heart - and it's a dream that He doesn't want to die. It's a dream that He means for you to live!  But before you can begin to pursue what is in your heart, you must learn how to spot and stop the Dream Killers - those people, situations and old mental stumbling blocks that stand in the way of your success.

Rev. Cathy Duplantis reveals why your dreams are so important and encourage you to protect yourself from the things that would kill your joy, hopes and dreams. You'll discover three distinct methods the enemy uses to destroy destinies - and learn how to defeat each one! It's not too late for you to pursue the dream of your heart.  Learn to expose the Dream Killers and begin to live your own wonderful dream today!
DVD BONUS - Exclusive interview with Cathy Duplantis and viewer testimonies on how their lives have changed after applying this powerful message! These special features are available on the special edition DVD only. DVD also inlcudes CC and English and Spanish subtitles.  Run Time Approximate: 56 minutes