If You Can't See a Future, You Won't Have a Future

If You Can't See A Future, You Won't Have A Future
You Have a Bright Future With No Limits

When's the last time you took a good look at your future? Is it clear or is your vision clouded by the fog of life's circumstances? Be inspired to open your eyes of faith and see the amazing vision God has designed for you. In this anointed message, Jesse teaches biblical truths that will impact your life and future forever. You will discover how:

• God has a vision for your future—it must be translated into life!
• If you are not talking about your vision, your vision is talking about you!
• Earthly knowledge is not enough—you must receive heavenly messages!
• Heavenly truths cannot be discovered, they must be revealed!
• You must never be intoxicated with success or paralyzed by failure!
• And more!


God wants you to break free from the boundaries of natural thinking and understand that with Him, nothing can stop you. You have a bright future with no limits—see it, build it, and watch it come to pass!

DVD Special Features: CC, English and Spanish subtitles