Cooked On One Side Raw On The Other

Cooked On One Side, Raw On The Other

Based on a familiar scripture from the book of Hosea, Jesse hits the mark with this timely message about the danger of an ill-developed life that's not equally and thoroughly "cooked". You will be edified and encouraged to seek the freedom and victory that comes from a devoted life in Christ. You have been created to be an authentic reflection of Jesus through and through and only He can give you everything you need to enjoy a truly fulfilled, victorious life.

Get ready because your spirit is about to leap as you will learn how to:

• Stand up for what you believe, no matter where you are
• Apply simple obedience to God in everything you do
• Reflect on the uncooked areas of your life
• Stop others from stretching your conscience
• Beware of spiritual inconsistency and spiritual blindness
• And more!

Don't be fooled to accept the ways of this world that will only leave you frustrated, confused, and defeated. God has called you out from amongst the wicked and He has set you apart for His glory and your success. Don't be like a cake not turned. Go ahead and flip yourself over—God wants to do a complete work in you so that you can live blessed with purpose, peace, and victory!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles