Not Letting the World Forget the Words of God

Not Letting the World Forget the Words of God
Be a Messenger for Jesus!
God has already provided an answer for every situation in life! And, He has empowered us with a message for the world that must not be forgotten! In this compelling DVD by Jesse Duplantis, you will be stirred up to boldly declare God’s powerful promises that He has given to the world. Learn how:
• To forget the Words of God means forgetting the mighty things He has done
• The way that you live out God’s Word each day, is a message to the world that He is alive and approachable
• To develop consuming zeal and a burning desire for the Words of God
• To get out of criticism and learn the power of kind words
• Remembering the Words of God is about acting on His Word and remembering to treat people fairly.
What God says will come to pass, and the world today must be reminded about what He already declared in His Word. Be the messenger that Jesus designed you to be to your generation and don’t let the world forget the Words of God!
DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles
Run Time Approximate: 47 minutes