We are not Temporary, We are Eternal

We are not Temporary, We are Eternal!

Are you ready to tap into a deeper understanding of the eternal power Jesus deposited in you?  Join Jesse Duplantis in this compelling message and be propelled into another level of God's strength and might, which is available to you today. Your circumstances are not meant to last you a lifetime. Learn how to gain God's perspective as Jesse teaches:

  • How what you focus on determines what you live with!
  • How not to deny problems, but to deny their right to stick around!
  • How the devil and his antics are temporary, but you are an eternal child of God!
  • How God's power and strength is bigger than any problem that comes your way!
  • And more!

The enemy wants you to see and accept the negative circumstances that come in life. Jesus has called us to look through our "shield of faith" and see beyond the deception. Focus on His promises and watch God move. You have God's eternal love and power on your side!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles
Run Time Approximate: 63 minutes