Christianity! It’s the Good Life


Are You Living the Good Life?

Do you know that when you were born again, you were given everything you need to have victory and joy in all circumstances?

In this captivating DVD, Jesse Duplantis reveals key points that will not only help you to appreciate the life Jesus bought for you on the cross, but to start magnifying and manifesting His goodness in your everyday life—no matter what the situation. Learn how you can start living "the good life" that Christ died to give you, starting today, as Jesse shares…

* How to live your life according to the greatest model—Jesus Christ!

* How to stop letting circumstances dictate the quality of your life!

* Why you should be controlled by Christ—not crisis!

* The power of "matured peace"—God wants to give it to you!

* How to subdue the attacks of the enemy—don’t deny them!

* And more!

You can find the joy and peace you know God desires for your life—and enjoy your life, every day. Find your place of power by declaring His good works and magnifying His holy name. Start living the life that God has always planned for you. It’s "the good life" and it’s for you!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles
Run Time Approximate: 54 minutes