Giving God Something to Remember

Giving God Something to Remember

Did you know that God only wants to remember good things about you? After all, He blotted out all of the bad stuff for His sake!  Just as a parent doesn’t want to remember anything bad about his or her child, God doesn’t either.  Enjoy one of the most inspirational teachings by Jesse Duplantis and experience for yourself this revelation from God.  You will learn how to:

 • Embrace the gift of forgiveness Jesus bought for you
 • Understand your ability as a believer to “give God something to remember”
 • Determine what you want God to think about you
 • Purpose your life to be memorable to God
 • And more!

What do you think God is saying to Gabriel about you in Heaven?  Guess what?  You have the ability to write the script! Take hold of your authority as a believer and start writing your autobiography today!  Your Creator is waiting in great anticipation to read it and remember it!  Start giving God something good to remember, today!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles