The Concept of Worship

What is worship? And how can you use it to elevate your everyday life?

Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares five ever-increasing elements of worship that will help you to grow in your understanding of true worship and develop a more intimate relationship with God. You'll learn:

  •  The difference between praise and worship
  •  Why we should worship God in Spirit and in truth
  •  Why we can’t worship a Being that we don’t trust
  •  How our concept of God affects our ability to worship God
  •  The importance of admiration, fascination, and adoration
  •  How to move into visitation and become a friend of God
  •  And more!

 Discover the joy of entering into true worship! Learn how to serve Him with your whole heart!

DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles
DVD Run Time Approximate: 47 minutes