Overflow - God's Gift of Abundance for You

Dr. Jesse Duplantis will inspire you to do the things necessary - spiritually and naturally - to open the door for God to pour out His "pressed-down, shaken together, and running-over" blessings on your life!

In five power-packed messages, Dr. Duplantis will take you through the scriptures and share powerful points and personal stories that will inspire you to open your mind, your will, and your mouth to God's overflowing nature! You will discover:

  • How to stir up your faith and expect great things
  • Why you should set your affection, not on things, but on Heaven!
  • How Christ's miracle feeding of the 5000 applies to your life
  • How to exercise your "right of righteousness"
  • Why obedience is always better than sacrifice
  •  How to ask God for what you need, and not ask "amiss"
  • The dangers of asking carefully, instead of prayerfully
  • How to recognize materialistic thinking, and nip it in the bud!
  • How to be a person who acknowledges God as the possessor of Heaven and Earth!
You were created to be a success in every way. Save yourself years of doubt, confusion, and misplaced energy and step into your rightful place as a faithful, peaceful, and "filled-to-overflowing" Child of God!
Includes five messages:
  • The Abundance-Producing Power of Expecting Great Things
  • Reaping the Results of Heavenly Affection
  • God's Gift of Abundance
  • God's Tsunami of Blessing for You
  • Is it Materialism or Is it Manifestation?
DVDs Include: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles
Total Run Time Approximate: 319 minutes