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tvShowPlaylist_201810 = [{'sources': [{'file': '//jdm-i.akamaihd.net/i/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-02/HWJ_18-02_HD_,200,450,750,1400,2950,6000,k.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?source=TVWEB','type': 'm3u8' //Only use when a file type can't be ID'd by file extension }], //'title': "September 4, 2018", //'description': "Hanging with Jesse, Episode 2", 'mediaid': 'HWJ_18-02_HD', 'image': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-02/HWJ_18-02_HD_Image.jpg', 'preload': 'none', 'file': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-02/HWJ_18-02_HD_450k.mp4?source=TVWEB', 'tracks': [{ 'kind': 'captions', 'file': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-02/HWJ_18-02_HD.vtt', 'label': 'English' }] },{'sources': [{'file': '//jdm-i.akamaihd.net/i/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-01/HWJ_18-01_HD_,200,450,750,1400,2950,6000,k.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?source=TVWEB','type': 'm3u8' //Only use when a file type can't be ID'd by file extension }], //'title': "August 6, 2018", //'description': "Hanging with Jesse, Episode 1", 'mediaid': 'HWJ_18-01_HD', 'image': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-01/HWJ_18-01_HD_Image.jpg', 'preload': 'none', 'file': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-01/HWJ_18-01_HD_450k.mp4?source=TVWEB', 'tracks': [{ 'kind': 'captions', 'file': '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-01/HWJ_18-01_HD.vtt', 'label': 'English' }] }]
tvShowCarousel_itemList = [{clicky: 'play_video(0)',image: '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-02/HWJ_18-02_HD_Image.jpg',description: "Hanging with Jesse, Episode 2",comment: "Come along with Jesse as he travels through the River Parishes of South Louisiana. Ride down River Road and visit Destrehan Plantation, the oldest plantation home in the Mississippi River valley. You’ll also explore the scenic Bonnet Carré Spillway. Then, sit down with Jesse’s good friend, Chef Philip, owner of Ristorante Filippo. While you enjoy fabulous cuisine, you’ll be inspired as Chef Philip shares his daughter’s powerful healing testimony.",air_date: 'September 4, 2018'}, {clicky: 'play_video(1)',image: '//pmd-jdm.totaljdm.org/Website_Media/Web_Shows/HWJ/2018/18-01/HWJ_18-01_HD_Image.jpg',description: "Hanging with Jesse, Episode 1",comment: "Join Jesse as he walks around the city of New Orleans and shows you some of his favorite places. You'll see where he was born, visit the Mississippi Riverfront, have a beignet at Café Du Monde, try alligator on a stick in the French Market, and go for a stroll down Royal Street. Experience New Orleans' sights, history, and culture the way Jesse does!",air_date: 'August 6, 2018'}];