I can’t imagine where the world would be today without the message, passion, and indelible influence of Dr. Billy Graham. The lives he touched is the legacy that he leaves, and it’s immeasurable. Each life affects another, and Dr. Graham’s affected millions—I am just one life that was forever changed by his boldness in preaching the Gospel and his foresight to use media, like television, to get Christ’s message into the living rooms and lives of people all around the world. I can honestly say I owe that man my soul. He was a true “Fisher of Men.” At a time when I was a young rock musician who would not darken the doors of a church, Dr. Graham brought the Gospel to me. On Labor Day weekend in 1974, in a hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Graham was broadcasting a special evangelistic crusade on television—and that night he introduced me to a forgiving and loving Christ, one that did not care how I looked or what I’d done, but was willing to accept me and wash my sin away if I would only reach out to Him. That night changed my life. I gave my heart to Jesus and the decision didn’t just change my heart, but it also completely changed the direction of my life. I don’t know where I would be today without the evangelistic ministry of Dr. Billy Graham. I believe that the ripple effects of his work is still being felt today—and he lives on as a “fisher” of all the men and women who have come to Christ through his unforgettable message of hope.

     Today, I’m proud to be a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and while I’m sad to hear of Dr. Graham’s passing, I have great hope that I will see him in Heaven one day! I believe millions will join me in thanking him for “throwing the net” and broadcasting the Gospel around the world. Dr. Graham preached the Word, but he also lived the message and led by example—and I really believe from the bottom of my heart that he is the total definition of what Christianity should be. I’m inspired by not only his words but by the life he lived, and the way he lived it—with integrity and honesty. If we would just believe what he believed, I know we will accomplish what the Lord wants us all to accomplish in this life. Each of us has a purpose. We can affect others for good. Today, I honor Dr. Billy Graham for his life’s work and thank him for being such a good influence in the world. He was the greatest evangelist in my generation and a blessing to the world. Thank You, Dr. Graham, you will be greatly missed!