Don't Kick the Donkey

Finish Your Race Strong!

In Numbers 22 Balaam has a problem with his ass. That stubborn mule will not budge—even after three kicks to move forward. Stuck in the middle of the road, Balaam is fuming with anger, not realizing that an angel of the Lord was blocking the path he had taken.

This hysterical, vintage classic by Jesse will have you rolling with laughter and rethinking your route in life as he tells the age-old story of an irritated preacher, a disobedient ass, and an angel of the Lord. You will learn how to:

    • Recognize Obstacles
    • Refuse Distractions
    • Stay Focused
    • Finish Strong

God wants to reveal His path for your life. Don’t allow the enemy to pull you off course. You can stay focused and finish your race strong. Don’t kick the donkey!