The Boldness to Negotiate

The Boldness To Negotiate

Do you know that as a believer, you have a personal invitation from God Almighty to enter His presence without fear any time you want to? You do! Jesse Duplantis brings you a life-transforming teaching that will help you unlock and unleash the unflinching boldness inside of you. Discover for yourself the boldness that will bring you closer to the Father and victory in any circumstance that comes your way. Learn how:
    •  God has given you great influence
    •  Your relationships define your life
    •  To build a holy life
    •  To boldly flow in fellowship with the Father
    •  And More!
Rise up and boldly move beyond obstacles that could be hindering your success in life. Your Father wants to fellowship with you and He wants you to have the boldness to negotiate with Him...for your good and His glory!