The Source of the Human Race

"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." - Peter (John 6:68)

Have you ever heard a message that made you flinch?  Have you ever read one of Jesus' teachings and thought, I don't know about this!  In this encouraging message by Jesse Duplantis, you'll learn why Peter's understanding of Jesus as His Source caused him to accept the "hard sayings" and stick it out when others left.
You'll learn why controversial teachings like faith, confession, and prosperity are really obedience messages - and how you can live above the criticisms of others when you apply them to your life.

Learn how to accept the Word and stop working on "attaining" what the blood of Jesus and the words of eternal life have already given to you. Find your power in the Word!  Find your power in Jesus, the Source of the human race!