If the Suit don't Fit, It's not Yours

Jesse Duplantis shares a powerful and hilarious message based on the kingship of David in If the Suit Don't Fit, It's Not Yours! Through strong preaching and hilarious stories, Jesse Duplantis will help you to discover why you should...

• Always be true to your own individuality
• Never forget your past victories, rehearse them
• Be passionate and nourish courage for a good cause
• Never leave something undone that could glorify God
• Reveal your true identity to others and serve Christ in the "little" things
• And much more!

The body of Christ is filled with many people. Learn how to be proud of what God has given you and not struggle with trying to fit another believer's "suit"!

DVD Includes: Closed Captions, English and Spanish Subtitles