Did You Pick It Up Today?

God Has a Word to Inspire You!

God wants to bless and inspire you today. He has a Word just for you…a treasure that He’s placed in His Holy Scripture with your name on it. All you have to do is dig for it and you’ll find it!

In this exciting message, Jesse will show you how the Bible has everything you need to live in victory, every day. You’ll be encouraged as you learn how:

    • The saving knowledge of Scripture is a science not of the intellect, but of the heart
    • The Word of God is inspired because it inspires—it’s not only perfect, but its designed to make man perfect
    • The Scripture is clothed and crowned with immortal power and possesses undecaying strength
    • And much more!

Any time you spend absorbing the truths of God’s Word is a priceless investment in yourself, your family, and your future. Discover the power of God’s Word to transform every area of your life—pick it up today!

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”
2 Timothy 3:16