The Genesis of Faith

Hear & Speak Words of Life!

What are you hearing? God is speaking words of life to you that have the power to make ALL things possible. His Holy Scripture is filled with the golden sentences ordained to create the Genesis of Faith in you that will produce the dynamic of life. But, first things first, the Word must be heard.

In this powerful message, Jesse will teach you how hearing the Word of God is vital to attaining a life in Christ that bears fruit spiritually, physically, and financially. You'll be inspired as you learn the four ways of "Hearing God’s Word" and important principles such as:

    • The genesis of faith is born by a solitary experience
    • The contagiousness of faith is a testimony of Christ’s character walking amongst people
    • The condition of unbelief comes from a soul that has not heard the Word of God
    • And much more!

Your Father wants to reveal the divine plan He has for you. Jesus says, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear" (Matthew 11:15). Hear the Word of the Lord and let the Genesis of Faith change your life!