If You Don't Know What IT Is, You Won't Get IT

If You Don't Know what IT is, You Won't Get IT

FAITHIT is the greatest element God has given to man. IT makes you think, imagine, and dream. Faith in God has undeniable power to encourage you, lift you up, and propel you into your own GOOD future.

Get ready for one of the most exciting and revolutionary messages Jesse has ever shared on faith. You’ll discover how:

    • Your faith sees what others can't see
    • Your faith is your road map that will take you where you want to go
    • Your faith is what God uses to make you memorable—it's your history written in advance
    • And more!

Think about it...nothing of true value would exist in your life without FAITH. God has put things on your heart that He means for you to have and do. So what is it that you need and desire? Have FAITH! For by it you will say, "Bless God I got it!"

DVD Special Features: Closed Captioning and English subtitles.