Go the Extra Mile - It's Never Crowded

Go The Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded
It’s your race and YOU are called to
finish strong and win the prize!
What has God called you to do? Before you were born, God established an amazing destiny for your life and He equipped you with everything you need to see it come to pass. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as Jesse teaches you how to tap into the power of faith, focus, and determination to live a life that exceeds the ordinary. You will learn that, to go the extra mile...
• You must have single aim
• You must have definite purpose
• You must have independence from the past
• You must have unceasing effort
• And much more!

Have you made up your mind to run the race for your life at all costs? You may be tempted to take the safe road, but you were made for more than that. Whatever you have to do to meet your high calling in Christ, the prize at the end of your finish line will be worth it. You are called to do something fine. It’s called go the extra mile—it’s never crowded!

DVD Special Features: CC, English and Spanish subtitles, Widescreen