Slipping Into Darkness While the Light is On


Slipping into Darkness While the Light is On
  Don’t drift into the current of conformity and compromise

Do you feel the pressures and opinions of this world pulling on you? You don’t have to give in to the current of conformity and compromise. You were created with an awesome, divine purpose and equipped to fulfill God’s calling on your life. Get ready to be stirred up and for your determination to take flight as Jesse Duplantis shares revelation from God’s holy Word that will enlighten you and empower you to live Christ’s great plan for your life.

You will learn how:

• Slipping is simply surrendering to the influences that surround you
• Toleration is good in the Body of Christ, but toleration of doubt and unbelief is totally unacceptable
• The faith life is easy to live by if you give it room to live
• Drifting or slipping is usually unperceived by the person, but clearly seen by others
• And more!

Make up your mind today that you won’t let the influences that surround you force you to slip and drift from your God-ordained place in the Body of Christ. Get into the living Word of God and fellowship with your Heavenly Father. He will give you everything you need to finish your course strong!

 DVD Special Features: CC , English and Spanish subtitles