Four Words that can Change Your Life - Have Faith in God

Revolutionize Your Life!

Are you ready for real change? God wants you in His kingdom and He has enabled you to be the architect of a purposeful and successful life here and now.  In this captivating 4 Part Series, Jesse Duplantis reveals how four powerful words spoken by Jesus Christ—“Have Faith In God”—can revolutionize your life forever!  Journey along with Jesse in this exciting and motivating series and understand how…

•    To succeed in any area of life, you must have faith
•    To have faith in God, you must know Him as the Person of
     God—alive and wanting to fellowship with you
•    Faith is a measure and condition of your victory
•    Doubt is a cancer growth of the spirit—it must never triumph!
•    Love is the oil that makes faith flow
•    The enemy’s belief is loveless—it cannot work against you
•    And more!

Take a step into a more personal relationship with your Father and live the victorious life He designed you to live today.  Jesus said all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed to do it. Don’t throw away your chance to have His victory and His joy. Have Faith in God—it will change your life!

DVDs Include: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles