The King's Meat

"What are you seeing in today's church, Brother Jesse?"
The answer may shock you!

A candid and insightful answer to the question above, Jesse Duplantis will inspire you to evaluate just how much of the world's views have crept into today's Church. Based on the Prophet Daniel's decision to abstain from "the king's meat," Jesse Duplantis will share how we can stay true to our God and our personal convictions – and still look better and live better than those who are living without conviction.
We can stand up for what we believe without hurting people's feelings. We can live a great life without compromising who we are. We can see our own value – regardless of what the world dictates – and start living free from the pressures of society to dress, talk, and live a certain way.
• When people are valued for how they look more than who they are, there's a problem.
• When people have to show everything they've got just to get noticed, something is just not right.
Learn how to follow Daniel's example and stay away from what you know is just not right for you. Discover a pure and undefiled life without "The King's Meat" today.
DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles