How To Have A Spiritual, Physical, and Financial Breakthrough


Break through the barriers and receive what you need from God!

Jesse Duplantis shares three powerful ways that will help you to receive your spiritual, physical, or financial breakthrough. This insightful message is about faith, the prophetic Word of God, and the power of sowing what is valuable to you. You’ll learn…

       · Why fear tolerated is faith contaminated
     · What the widow woman did to receive her miracle
     · Why you need a prophetic word…and everything God says is prophetic!
     · How the willingness to obey can break through barriers
     · Why your gift to God must cost you something
     · And more!

Jesse Duplantis shares testimonies from his own life and powerful points from the Word to illustrate how you can have your breakthrough! Take off the limits and get what you need from the Lord!
DVD Includes: Closed Captioning, English and Spanish Subtitles