Don't Bend to the Pressure of Time

What stands in the way of most people continuing to believe in faith?
One little four-letter word....TIME!

Don't Bend to the Pressure of Time, Jesse Duplantis shares illustrations from the Word of God and his own personal life to help you avoid wavering and continue moving forward in your faith!

You’ll learn:

  • To everything in life, there is a season, a time, and a purpose 
  • How to be triumphant in the midst of conflict, and safe in the calm that succeeds it
  • The importance of putting on the armor of God! 
  • Why concentration is a must in holding fast to the profession of your faith
  • The value of prayer in not bending to the pressure of time


And much more!

Don’t let time be a stumbling block to your success in God. Learn how to “faint not” and make it a stepping stone to your life of overflow! You receive what God has for you!

DVD Includes: Closed Captions, Spanish and English Subtitles